A Bet by Two Friends

My best friend and I started playing Dragon City at the same time, but he made much more progess than me. I couldn’t figure out how he did it, especially since he had even less time to play the game than I did. He works a full time job with a part time job on the weekeneds, and occasionally he does volunteer work at a hospital. Despite all of this, he was able to raise his dragons to much higher levels. I found out that the secret of his success was Dragon City cheats. Whiile I was playing the game the old fashioned way, he was getting unlimited items.

I was mad that my friend was using cheats to play the game and didn’t tell me. Instead of wasting my time trying to collect items to train my dragons, I could have been getting them the easy way and gotten much farther. I asked my friend to show me how to use the cheats, and he agreed, but he also told me that there was no way I would ever catch up to him since he’s so far ahead. Since he was confident, I made a bet with him that after a week I would surpass his progress in the game.

There was no way that I could lose the bet. I had more free time than my friend did to play the game, and we were both using the cheats. Even though my friend had a head start, I still had more time to make it up. I played the game during all of my free time and at the end of the week, I compared my progress to my friend’s progress. As it turns out, he was still ahead of me in the game, but only by a slim margin.

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