Absolutely Perfect Entertainment for Our Wedding

It was no surprise my father looked into getting a magician hire for my wedding. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve adored magic. I tried my hand at performing back in grade school, to mixed results, but I never lost my love for magicians and their intricate tricks. When Dad talked about hiring a magician to entertain our guests during our reception, I was pretty happy about it. When he showed me who he was going to try and get, I didn’t believe he could pull it off. This magician works a lot of high power and high money events.

I thought it was a nice thought, though. Surely Dad would come through with someone. Sure enough, he got the guy he had set his eyes upon. I couldn’t believe it. To get a magician who has entertained the likes of British royalty just seemed to good to be true. One thing I’ve learned is to never bet against my father. As the day of our wedding ceremony and reception got closer, I found that I couldn’t wait to see him perform. What kind of tricks would he do? How would he get some of my cranky relatives to laugh?

I needn’t have worried. It became apparent within minutes why this magician has performed for royalty and celebrities. He’s the best magician I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a few. It wasn’t so much the tricks, although they were top notch and highly entertaining, that wowed all of us. It was his love for performing. You could almost feel it coming off of him, how much he warms up with a crowd. And there wasn’t a single person he didn’t charm at the reception. Those cranky relatives? They laughed and clapped like I’ve never seen before. What an amazing performance! I had the best wedding reception ever!

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