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best wood flooring ideasHomeowners often look for the best wood flooring to fit, however, the definition of best is not always accurate. Wood flooring that is suitable and therefore ‘best’ for one home, does not automatically make it the best choice for another. Instead, homeowners must choose the best wood flooring on a case-by-case basis. More often than not this involves deciding between solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring.

Solid wood flooring
Solid wood flooring – These are made from one piece of natural hardwood timber. Since the very first wooden flooring have been fitted in homes, solid was by far the popular choice. The use of complete wood makes the floor very durable and with the right care, it will exceed 100 years of use. Solid wood is suitable for most homes and for most rooms. It is unsuitable in cases where humidity or damp conditions are likely to occur. In such cases, the wood may deteriorate in quality quicker than other floors will. Such conditions can present themselves in the bathroom, basement or kitchen areas as well as in homes that are located near a water source such as a river, stream or the sea. As well as contributing to their durability, the use of complete wood makes this option the dearer of the two. Therefore when a tight budget is concerned or the floor is to be fitted in damp or humid locations, solid wood flooring may not be the most sensible choice.

Engineered wood flooring
Engineered wood flooring – When fitted, engineered wood flooring will look precisely like solid wood. This is because the floor is made from three or four layers of MDF, Plywood, and Softwood below a layer of real wood. So while solid and engineered share the same visual side, their construction and therefore behavior in humid condition could not be any different. Their supplemented construction makes engineered wood better equipped to withstand harsh conditions, more so when a suitable coating is applied. Their construction also makes the floor slightly more affordable and lighter in weight, an important benefit that makes the floor suitable for DIY style fitting methods such as floating installation.

There is no one size fits all wood flooring that is best for everyone. Instead, as a homeowner, you need to source the right solution based on your personal circumstances.

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