Color and Fabrics Can Make Your Home Shine

There are just some rooms that seem completely devoid of any character or personality whatsoever. Sometimes there’s just nothing there to draw your interest, or perhaps they simply are dull or boring in appearance. Sometimes you might be able to find one or two of these rooms in your own home. If you feel like the rooms in your home are nothing special, there are some quick and easy ways to add warmth and personality through the use of color and texture. The best part about it is, you can achieve the look you want without spending a lot of money.

Although there’s nothing wrong with a room that’s entirely beige and cream, often these kinds of rooms can use a little drama. By using various textures and colors, you can create rooms that are either vibrant and energetic or tranquil and relaxing. Here are a few tips by which you can transform a room from dull to fabulous.

When Tranquility Is What You’re After

cream paint color wall interior

With neutral colors, a room feels relaxed and tranquil. Tans, sky blue, terra cotta, and other Earth colors can help create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Go for cream-colored carpets and walls, accented with the hues of the sunset. Splashes of terra cotta and sky blue in artwork, throw pillows, and accent rugs can complement furnishings that are light in color. Pillows, rugs, and wall hangings can add either a nubby or sleek texture to the décor.

Warm Things Up and Welcome Visitors

orange paint color living room

The vibrant atmosphere created by warm colors is welcoming to anyone who enters your home. To create a welcoming atmosphere for anyone who enters your home, use warm colors that create a vibrant look. Those colors of autumn—oranges, reds, brown, rust and navy blue—add a spicy appeal to your décor. If you’re trying to achieve a warm, comfortable look, choose furnishings with bold patterns that include the colors of fall. Throw colors should be in a solid color. This way, they’re not competing with the patterns of the furniture. Create a focal point by painting a single wall deep orange and decorating it with a large print.

Jazz It Up with Energy!

If you have a small room or any other space that simply looks blah, then why not jazz it up? With bright, vibrant colors, you can make even the plainest of rooms take on a whole new life. Shades of bright green, orange, blue, and peach lend a botanical look to the room. Or create an accent wall or two by painting them a bright, bold color.

green paint color for living room

Add some throw pillows into the mix with the wildest, boldest patterns you can find. Create interest on the walls with some botanical prints or abstract art, and use a geometric or abstract patterned throw rug to liven up those floors. Throw a few exotic looking plants into the mix and you won’t believe your eyes! For rooms that are full of energy, bright colors and bold prints can really make a difference.

Color has a profound effect on everyone. This is why it’s so common for people to be able to name their favorite color. Whether a color makes you feel calm, relaxed, energetic, sexy, or playful, it can also do the same for your rooms. You don’t need to settle for a boring, lackluster home that has no personality. With some color and texture, you can really liven things up. It’s easy and inexpensive to add character and personality that completely transform your home.

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