Home or abroad: British attitudes to homes

Finding the perfect home is one highlight of adult life but while traditionally Brits were happy to make a house a home on their own soil, by 2006 5.5 million felt their perfect home was located abroad in sunnier countries such as Australia or Spain. Emigration has always been popular as Brits look to live in a warmer climate and perhaps get a property that would be considerably cheaper. Emigrating abroad is popular amongst couples without children and either first or second-time property buyers as they do not have deep roots in the UK and are more willing to lay roots elsewhere. Living abroad is a dream that is held by many younger people that still want to travel and have fun while people who have made deeper ties in Britain, such as a family or a home, do not consider leaving quite so readily. Many people are of the opinion that the lives they have in Britain are what they want and that the family home they have built is one they want to keep for life.

Investing your lives in your home

The majority of Brits are not swayed by the allure of sunny shores or sandy beaches when they have invested in the lives and properties they already have. Some see that when they have a family home, it is for life. When they invest in that property through refurbishing and decoration, the ability to retain it for a long period is improved. Adding mobility aids to cope with the struggles of old age can help build a bathroom for life and there are plenty of ways to adapt kitchens, bedrooms and living areas to ensure they always meet your needs. When the work is done right, a home should feel comfortable and it should remain comfortable for a long time. There are those who have set up their perfect home and will never want to leave it under any circumstances.

There are also those that choose to stay simply because they do not want to put in the time to research living and working abroad properly. There are many stories of Brits that leave the UK to live overseas but come home again soon after because they did not plan their departure properly or did not have all their paperwork in order. There will always be those who have a desire to travel and explore and those who will be content where they are. Our globalized world allows for people to live where they are most happy – whether that is on home soil or abroad.

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