Hooked on Another Mobile Game

I became quite addicted to Clash of Clans when it came out. I played the game so much that it was taking over my personal life. I stopped playing the game and things went back to normal, but then Clash Royale was released by the same company that made Clash of Clans, and I became hooked on that. I needed to have gems and gold to get through the game, but I wasn’t getting them quickly enough, so I looked up some Clash Royale cheats and found a really good hack that makes it even easier to get these items.

One of my friends is also playing the game, and he doesn’t like it that I’m using a cheat to get through the game. He always believes in playing games without any kind of additional help. I feel that I should be able to use any advantage to play a game and have nothing against getting help, whether it comes from a guide or a hack. While I’m getting through the game at a faster rate, my friend is stuck at a point because he doesn’t have enough gold and gems to advance. His frustration doesn’t stop him from keeping his stance.

I really need to work on playing the game in shorter bursts so that it won’t consume my life. Once I start making some progress in the game, I just can’t help but keep going to make even more progress. Perhaps I’ll make a time limit for myself. I can set the alarm on my phone to go off after 10 or 15 minutes, and when the time is up, I’ll stop playing and won’t touch the game again for 3 or four hours. I might have to turn my phone off just to keep from starting the game again.

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