I’m Starting a New Hobby So That I Can Better Myself

Life became somewhat lonely to me after my kids moved out of the house. I’ve never been married, but my kids lived with me for a very long time. So my house became quiet when they both moved out. I decided that I was going to try to keep myself busy by starting some new hobbies. I always wanted to ride horses. As I was looking through the equestrian riding jackets in a nearby store that sells clothing for those who are riders, I found myself getting excited about what I was about to start spending my time on.

Being excited about something brings a smile to my face. For too long, I was just going through the motions in life. There’s work, bills, and so many things that can bring you down. I didn’t realize that I was simply not all that happy. Both of my girls live in other cities now, so I would come home every night and just sit in front of the television. I often mindlessly changed channels with the remote control, and then I really wasn’t paying attention to what I was watching. But I sat and watch TV for hours on end because it kept me company. It provided background noise for me, and it kept my mind occupied. However, I can’t say that my mind being occupied by mindless TV shows is really the best way keep your mind young and healthy. I knew that I had to do something else.

Learning a new skill is one of the ways that the experts tell you is really good for you so that you can keep yourself feeling young at heart. I thought about reading or other things that I could do at home, but I thought it would be best to do something that would break me out of my comfort zone and allow me to meet new people. I think that meeting new people will help me to expand my horizons and will bring about the socializing that I really need for myself.

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