Medications Are Made for Your Use

I tell a lot of people that I take anti depressants because I have depression and PTSD. I do not feel like there is anything that I should be ashamed of because it did not all feel like something that I was supposed to be ashamed of. I was told by my mom and my dad that we were going to have to go and look to buy Diazepam with Paypal online because they did not want me to go to the local pharmacy. If I went to the local place where we all have our medications filled then it was going to be a problem because it was going to be out there that I was taking a medication that was for my mood. My mom and my dad would not say certain things out loud because I think they thought that it would be too real for them. I did not blame them but I thought that it was really weird to show people that they whispered when they did not want to say something out loud.

My family was the only group of people who said that they were going to be happy after they went and got me off the medications that were making me feel better. I could not believe how different it was for me to go and talk to my friend’s parents who were asking me questions about my new medication and how it was making me feel after I got it off the internet. I was really happy that I had them to ask me questions since my own parents were not ready to talk to me about it. I was happy to know that they were so happy to see all the different things that it was doing for me to make my life better.

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