Some People Need Extra Help with Organization

It was not easy to live with someone else at first, but my husband and I are adjusting very nicely together now. I had to take the bull by the horns and get our place organized so that I didn’t feel so frustrated all the time. I did this with the help of a large number of P-Touch tapes and a label maker that keeps all our things separated and well organized. My husband recently told me that he’s always had trouble with organization, and the labels that I made have really helped him. He now finds it much easier to put things away because seeing things labeled helps him to remember where each of his own items belong.

When I first began dating my hubby, I knew that he was a bit of a slob. However, I mistakenly thought it was simply because he had a bachelor pad and that he would suddenly become more respectful after our marriage when we both began living in a shared apartment. It’s not that he doesn’t have respect, he simply struggles with remembering about where to put things back after he uses them. I was a bit testy about it before I realized that he could not help it. I finally understood what the problem was after he held up different items over and over and asked me where they belonged. He was trying hard to please me, but needed my help.

I bought all sorts of different containers that are transparent. Each of those containers now have a label on the front. Each label states exactly which things go inside each individual container. I have placed them inside closets and cabinets, on shelves and even in our drawers. It keeps us from mixing our items up, and I really think that it looks really nice when I open drawers and cabinets and nothing looks like it’s about to spill out anymore.

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