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The decor in every home can start to look a little tired and faded after years of wear and tear. There will be some areas in particular that become worn simply because they get a great deal of use, and while walls and ceilings can be painted, worn flooring requires a different approach. Options for floor coverings vary widely, and there is a huge range of types, materials, and colors to choose from in deciding what will best suit the home.

Types of flooring

Choosing the right flooring for a home may depend on its geographical location. If the climate is very warm or hot, for example, using stone or marble is a good option, especially at ground level since it will help keep the interior cool. Marble can be expensive, so ceramic tiles decorated with patterns and looking like marble are a useful alternative. Colorful throw rugs can be used to brighten up the decor if necessary.

Carpets are good for cooler climates as they exude warmth from the areas they cover, be it the living room, hall, stairs or bedroom. In areas that get a lot of foot traffic, such as hall and stairs, carpets need to be very hardwearing. As an alternative to full carpeting, attractive carpet tiles can be fitted.

Wooden floors give a home a natural and appealing ambiance and are good for people who may suffer from allergies such as dust mite, which can sometimes be found in soft furnishings including carpet. Laminate flooring is an alternative to wood, where a wooden composite base is overlaid with a photographic image of a wood grain, giving the appearance of the real thing.

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Due to its versatility, one of the most popular materials for home flooring is vinyl. It is extremely flexible and is not difficult to install, available either in sheets or as individual tiles.

Why choose vinyl?

Vinyl is highly resilient and is very reasonable in price compared to many other types of floor covering. It is ideal for spaces that get a lot of use but also have high moisture levels, hence perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Vinyl is particularly robust in resisting water damage and other stains, and textured vinyl is available which will help to lessen the risk of slipping.

the best vinyl flooring for real estate

The real joy of vinyl flooring is in the range of styles available. A home can be decorated with vinyl flooring in a huge number of different wood or stone patterns, and contemporary designers have added their signature work to many other attractive variants.

Designers of vinyl flooring have let their imaginations soar during the last few years, and the range and quality of vinyl on offer are second to none. A variety of choices can be found at a good carpet store, and useful information on the material can be obtained from CarpetOne videos.

Planning installation

Those with little experience at home improvements should hire a specialist to carry out the installation of vinyl flooring. Floor spaces should be carefully measured so the right amount of flooring is ordered, and it is worth adding to 10 percent to allow for any awkward nooks and crannies.

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