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Protecting Your Home and Family

Protecting Your Home and Family

Even in locations where the crime rate is relatively low, home security has become increasingly important, and there are many high-tech sophisticated systems available from which the modern homeowner can choose. In fact, some systems come with so many fancy extras that it can be difficult to select an appropriate level of security that will do the job properly. Here are some straightforward measures that will help protect the home as well as family members.

Audit the essentials

The first things to consider are the basic steps required to secure the building. Doors and windows will need solid fastenings and locks. External areas, including a garage, pool or patio, may benefit from security lighting, particularly if on-street lighting is fairly poor. Movement detectors trained on specific areas, such as inside the front door, along with a stairwell or in a living room, provide discreet yet effective sensors and can trigger an alarm immediately should an unwelcome stranger gain entry into the home.

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Some home security providers will offer a free risk assessment of a property, which can be very useful and provide homeowners with the reassurance that nothing has been overlooked. In addition, some insurance companies offer discount rates to customers when certain types of security systems are selected.

Consider family lifestyle

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If family members come and go a lot, especially if they do so at different times of the day and night, it is not always practical to have an alarm system that only offers blanket coverage of the whole house. In these cases, most good security system providers will advise about zoning so that specific areas can be controlled in different ways. The same is true of families with pets – if the cat likes to go out at night, it’s better if it can do so without triggering security lights and an alarm. Companies such as ADS security will always offer advice to help homeowners find the best systems for home security Nashville can offer.

Choosing alarm systems

Alarm systems are not always there to prevent entry by intruders. Some have very specific functions to protect people and pets from a range of hazards, including carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke, and fire. When considering buying or updating an alarm system, it is worth checking if these features can be installed alongside the security function as well as learning how the system can be controlled.

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As technology has advanced, it has become possible to synchronize systems with laptops, tablets, and smartphones, allowing convenient remote access from any location – a very useful feature should family members set off on vacation and forget to activate the alarm system before they go. Many systems have built-in video cameras as part of the setup. These can record callers and alert family members to the presence of an intruder. Again, many will operate in tandem with monitors, including cell phones and computers.

Installing an alarm system pays dividends in terms of the safety and security provided to family members and the home, offering protection for individuals, pets, and possessions as well as peace of mind for everyone.

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