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4 Deal Breakers That Can Be Unearthed By Home Inspection

4 Deal Breakers That Can Be Unearthed By Home Inspection

One of the most important things you should do before you invest in a new home is to get a home inspection. You might think that you found your dream home and you might be eager to move in immediately, but failing to get an inspection can be a big mistake. A home inspection can help you to avoid investing in property that will require costly repairs. It is important to note that a home inspection is not the same as a home appraisal. The home inspector will perform functions that are beyond the scope of the real estate appraiser. Some of the issues identified can be deal breakers for the purchase.

Home Inspection

Water damage

One serious problem that should make you reconsider the purchase is water intrusion and problems of grading in the basement. If the home building inspector identifies signs of condensation on the walls or mold infestation, it is a red flag that indicates drainage and moisture problems. These issues often can be very costly, and it is not worth buying a home in that condition, regardless of how beautiful it may be.

Structural damage

Structural damage

Another issue that should make you think twice about the deal is any signs of structural damage. Cracks in the walls shifted exterior bricks and damaged and ill-fitting doors and windows are all signs of serious structural issues. The cost of fixing the damage can range anywhere from about $20,000 to over $200,000.This can make buying the home a very poor investment and unless the seller is willing to cut down the asking price drastically, you should just walk away.

Roof damage

Roof damage check

Roof repairs can also be very costly and you can end up spending a huge amount of money if you buy a home with a damaged roof. The inspector will usually look out for old and damaged shingles, missing and rotting rafters or water stains on the ceiling. These are just some of the signs that the roof needs repair or replacement. This is usually a very costly undertaking and one that you should try to avoid.

Pest Infestation

A home inspection should tell you whether the home has a problem with pest or insect infestation. The inspector will look out for signs of damage. Pest infestation is a serious problem because apart from the inconvenience and health concerns, it can also lead to serious structural damage. The inspector may want to consult a pest specialist if you need a more detailed report.

While some issues may not be very serious, any home that has these types of problems should concern you as a potential buyer.

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